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The WikiChallenge: students tell us about their Africa.

In partnership with the Wiki In Africa association, the Orange Foundation organizes the WikiChallenge, a major competition for schools in the Digital Schools network in Africa.

How does it work? With the help of the Orange Foundation’s Digital Schools Kit and their teachers, students write articles that contribute to the world’s intellectual and cultural heritage. Their work is published on Vikidia, the online encyclopedia for 8-13 year-olds. This year, 190 schools in 10 countries took part in this challenge combining culture, freedom of expression and pride…

Meet the winners!

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The WikiChallenge: a writing competition showcasing all African cultures

In partnership with

Since 2017, the WikiChallenge has been aimed at African students in the Orange Foundation's Digital Schools program. Thanks to the Digital Kits and their tablets and servers, deployed in over 1,200 schools, they now have access to offline educational content.

Schools are invited to create articles on subjects that are important to their students (their village, the natural sites around them, their traditions, etc.), by learning to adopt an encyclopedic writing style.

Orange Foundation educational mediators and volunteer Vikidians provide support and training for students and teachers. Through the WikiChallenge, students share their culture with the world via the Vikidia platform.

The 3 International Grand Prizes in 2023

The Ksours of Tataouine

Tunisian Ksours, the ancient palaces that served as food warehouses for the tribes of south-west Tunisia.

Ras El Oued Smar elementary school

The Melhfa, traditional finery

Lifting the veil on Melhfa: a successful challenge, with this fascinating article on the long piece of fabric worn by Sahraoui women in all circumstances.

Oued Chiaf school

The Ikopa River in Madagascar

When students follow the course... of the river, the result is this clear and comprehensive article on the Ikopa, one of Magascar's must-see rivers, but until now too little documented.

Behenjy public elementary school

The Jury's Favorite Prize in 2023

Bandia Nature Reserve

Discover the wild animals living in the Bandia reserve. Geographical location, species, photos... you'll feel like you're right there with them!

Grand Mbour 2 school

The National Prizes in 2023

Djerba pottery

When students become artisans of culture, they offer us this very precise article on the art of Djerbian pottery.

Fetou Ennour elementary school

The Fes-Signy festival in Senegal

With this article on Fes-Signy, the students offer us a festival of discovery!

Colobane 2 school in Gossas

Stade des Martyrs

The students didn't hesitate to throw themselves into the ring with this article on the largest stadium in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

EPA 2 Matonge
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The town of Ouezzane in Morocco

It's a real urban epic that the students offer us with this article showcasing all the attractions of the city of Ouezzane.

Mohamed Abdou school

The Fesmamas festival in Markala

A festive air hangs over this article about the mask and puppet festival in Markala, Mali.

SE Dembele School in Markala

Parson's chameleon

Not a lizard... but a large chameleon, in this article devoted to this color-changing Malagasy reptile.

EPSP SOS VE Antanety School

“Kouayom”, a magic word

The 3 InternThe students reveal a treasure of the Yacouba dialect with “Kouayom”, a ritual and spiritual word.ational Grand Prizes

Kouepleu school group
Côte d’Ivoire

Essok, Cameroon's “miracle tree”

When ideas grow in students minds, the result is this article on the Essok, a Cameroonian tree with a host of benefits.

Foulassi public school

Soumbala, a spice from Burkina Faso

Be warned: this article is tasty! From picking the seeds to cooking them, you’ll soon know all about soumbala.

Balkuy "C" digital school,
Burkina Faso

The WikiChallenge in figures

Orange Foundation Digital Schools, supporting education for the underprivileged

To combat educational inequalities around the world, the Orange Foundation has come up with a scheme to help schools in need of books and digital equipment. The aim? To provide digital access to education for children who do not have access to books or the Internet, to ensure real equality of opportunities.

In concrete terms, with the Digital Schools program, we equip schools with digital kits comprising tablets, computers, video projectors and educational content (lessons, educational games, videos, digital books, etc.) that can be accessed even without an Internet connection. Today, 1,200 schools are equipped and over 500,000 students are supported every year in 18 countries.

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