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Key figures in 2023
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The Ksours of Tataouine

Tunisian ksour are ancient palaces located in the southwest of Tunisia, in the Tataouine region. There are around 130 of them. These buildings are a living example of the region's cultural history and bear witness to social life and economic changes. Over time, they moved from the heights of the mountains to the plains to meet historical and economic needs. A palace is known as a warehouse made up of compartments or storage rooms used by one or more tribes. Although 300 years have passed since they were built, the desert palaces still stand firm on the Tunisian sands, a symbol of the nobility of the architecture of the south and its distinctive cultural heritage throughout history. These monuments also take their names from the families that owned them at the time. In Tataouine, for example, there's the "Al-Haddada" palace, linked to the "Al-Haddad" family.

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Orange Foundation Digital Schools, supporting education for the underprivileged

To combat educational inequalities around the world, the Orange Foundation has come up with a scheme to help schools in need of books and digital equipment. The aim? To provide digital access to education for children who do not have access to books or the Internet, to ensure real equality of opportunities.

In concrete terms, with the Digital Schools program, we equip schools with digital kits comprising tablets, computers, video projectors and educational content (lessons, educational games, videos, digital books, etc.) that can be accessed even without an Internet connection. Today, 1,200 schools are equipped and over 500,000 students are supported every year in 18 countries.

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